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L.Kalinnikova, A.Zavodilov are exclusive representatives of Argo-A Security (USA) in the Baltic States, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan.


«Psy Technology» – is a research centre, occupied with studies of communicative processes, as well as with psychophysiological exposure of deception (polygraph examination) in Latvia and abroad.
Center director – L.Kalinnikova, dr.psych., Chief Executive Officer – A.Zavodilov, ma.psych.

L.Kalinnikova and A.Zavodilov have a research experience, reflected in scientific articles and their statements on conferences; practical experience in consulting both private individuals and organization representatives.

Both L.Kalinnikova and A.Zavodilov have polygraph examiner certificates issued by Chicago Polygraph Institute (CPI) and both are members of International League of Polygraph Examiners (ILPE).

Centre works in compliance with practice standards requirements of American Polygraph Association (APA), practice standards of ILPE, LR Psychologist Code of ethics, LR laws and sections of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The polygraph examiners of our centre conduct polygraph tests, providing strong privacy of all sides that take part in a deal, keeping independent opinion, impartiality, objectivity and obligation to stick to the highest moral and ethic standards of professional behavior.*

Partners of our centre are: Argo-A, led by chief polygraph examiner in Europe – Mr. A. Volyk, CPI, ILPE, Argo-A Security.

«Psy Technology» provides a professional service of lie detection (polygraph test) for commercial organizations, private individuals, government institutions and structures in Latvia and abroad.

«Psy Technology» lie detection services are directed to raise the safety level of our clients, improve their private life, as well as to narrow risks of managing  business and raise profitability of organizations.

We are achieving this results by means of polygraph (most known as lie detector) examinations of job applicants, periodical and selective examinations of already working personnel, examinations in the course of service investigations, as well as by means of lie detector examination of private individuals in the course of investigations, mostly concerning family and personal questions, such as adultery, jealousy, theft etc..




* We thank Mr. A. Volyk, director of Argo–A for the given material and opportunity to use some of it on this website.